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The Surf Zombies: Lust For Rust

The Surf Zombies: Lust For Rust Music Reviews by Duke
Lust For Rust
Review by: Duke

Hot rods. Give me hot rods, rat rods and plenty of 'em. What can I say? I'm a hot rod junkie. I've been this way ever since I built my first one out of a '40 Chev Coupe when I was a kid. It's all about rubber and steel lighting up the asphalt in a way that no assembly line rig can emulate.

I'm an old-school hot rodder. I don't use hot rod kits, plastic parts, or digital gauges. Not that there's anything wrong with them, I just prefer the genuine article. No electronic fuel injection, either. Give me a Holley Double Pumper any day. For me, it's analogous with beer. No matter how you serve it up, light beer just doesn't pack the taste of the real stuff.

The same goes for my garage. It's a place where I can pull an engine, tear it down, rebuild it and not worry about getting the floor dirty. It's a working garage, not a cute little man cave in disguise.

The Surf Zombies: Lust For Rust - Band Photo That's why I thoroughly dig The Surf Zombies. Their Lust for Rust CD panders to my tunnel vision hot rod mentality.

The Surf Zombies are:
Joel McDowell: Jazz Bass
Ian Williams: Jazzmaster
Brook Hoover: Jaguar
Tyler Russell: Drums

Lust for Rust's 19 tracks offer more than 45 minutes of white-knuckle, balls-to-the-wall, instrumental hot rod 'n' roll music. It's Gary Usher meets Link Wray kind of stuff.

Old-school hot rods, grease covered hands, T-shirts, Levis and engineer boots live here. No kit cars, manicures, polo shirts, designer jeans, or fancy tennis shoes in the Lust for Rust garage. SAE wrenches, not metric. Cubic inches, not liters. Carburetors, not EFI.

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Torque Fest - Straight out of the '50s, Torque Fest brings back memories of my early days in the garage. This cool tune gives me a case of déjà vu mixed with wishful thinking. It's like I've just finished tuning up the old '40 Chev and I'm kicking back with a beer and a smoke. A hot chick in a tight sweater just came through the door. She says that she likes The Surf Zombies' music. That's cool. She has good taste. Then she twirls her blonde hair with her finger and squeals, "Oh, my God!" That's cool, too. She's dumb. I think I'll tell her I'm Elvis Presley, dial up Torque Fest in the Chevy's player and take her for a ride.

Rat Tech - The opening bass, drums and distorted guitar launch Rat Tech down the asphalt. This is rat rod music, with all of the coolness of a '49 Ford Flathead V-8. Rat Tech isn't aluminum and liters, it's cast iron and cubic inches. This one is carbureted. There's no EFI or other computer-driven parts. It's every bit mechanical, with rods and levers. The driver is in control, not some electronic black boxes. Rat Tech is gearhead music. It rumbles with the sounds of yesteryear.

The Flerk - Hmmm ... call me 'old' ... I have to admit the title has me guessing. I know a few definitions, but they're on the raw side. That's okay, though, because The Flerk is on the raw side, too, and that's a good thing. The Flerk is down and dirty, let's-have-a-party music. It's a guitar lover's delight. Fire up your hot rods, rat rods and jalopies, and head on over to The Surf Zombies' Flerking Bash. They're serving up 100+ octane cocktails.

Do the Lurp - No problem, guys. I'll Do the Lurp while my engine's cam does the lope. It's time to hop in that lil' Chev Coupe and see who wants to rumble from stoplight to stoplight. Do the Lurp will pace my Chevy as I attempt to lure in any takers. They might hear the Lurp and the lope, but they'll have no idea what's lurking down below. I can go all night cruising the city's gut and listening to Do the Lurp. Any takers out there? Who wants to rumble with The Surf Zombies and me?

Road Trippin' - This is a very cool hot rod tune with an unusual Spaghetti Western tinge. Imagine plucking Clint Eastwood or Lee Van Cleef out of one of their old Western movies and placing them behind the wheel of a hot rod ... hat, boots, spurs and all. That would be something to see. The Surf Zombies may have created a new genre - Spaghetti Western Hot Rod.

Blue Velvet Flashback - Flashback is right. This is grab-your-girl-close music. The 12/8 beat is very '50s slow rock 'n' roll and makes you want to bump and grind with your favorite squeeze. The Surf Zombies play Blue Velvet Flashback perfectly, just as if they had lived in those times. The arpeggiated rhythm guitar sets it off. Okay, I need to get out of here and play this one for our resident dollface, Emma. Maybe I'll get lucky.

Tattoo Pin Up Girl - I have two pin up girls. One of them is Emma. The other one is my long lost '40 Chev Coupe. They're not tattoos, they're pin ups in my garage. If I did get tattoos, those two babes would be plastered all over my arms. Tattoo Pin Up Girl speaks to my favorite ladies. The smiling, happy-go-lucky music fits their curves like a satin glove. A cool eight-bar drum break makes me shake, rattle and roll, just as if I was sitting in the '40 with Emma draped all over me.

The PBR Strut - Outstanding hot rod tune highlighted by some excellent tom-tom playing. The PBR Strut is mean and it's dangerous. If you're going to race The Surf Zombies, you might consider attaching razorblade spinners to your wheels ... forget winning ... it's the only chance you'll have of surviving.

Shag the Drag - This is a full blown stroker smokin' the tires on a rat rod. It's white line fever and telephone poles looking like picket fences. Hi-pro, hi-speed all the way. From the early days of rock 'n' roll, Shag the Drag will get the hi-octane go-juice pumping through your veins.

Shengar - This track reminds me of the old '53 Buick a friend of mine once owned. You started it by depressing the gas pedal to activate the starter switch. Interesting rhythms and drum breaks in Shengar are like that Buick ... wild and unpredictable ... but always a fun ride.

The Hillbilly Beast - The beast cometh and he means business. Those pipes hanging from the sides of his blown 426 Hemi are breathing fire. Don't get too close or you'll get burned. The Hillbilly Beast is mean. Treat him right or suffer in the wake of his vicious, tire-smoking burnout. Warning: Not for the student driver.

Reverb Shake - An aggressive and predatory tune, Reverb Shake would be the perfect companion for nighttime cruising of back alleys and boulevards. This one delivers the g-force of a Hemi Cuda hooked to 4:11 gears. The Surf Zombies lay down a monster track, with enough reverb to fill a swimming pool.

Stingray Dream - When I dream about Stingrays, it's always about my '68 Corvette Roadster. It had the L88 427 big-block tri-power engine coupled to a Muncie M22 Rock Crusher transmission. That 'Vette could give you a serious case of whiplash off the line, as well as white-knuckle fever at terminal velocity. Judging by this track's title, and the music, The Surf Zombies must have played with Corvettes, if not owned some. They're a breed of animal unto themselves. Ask any Corvette gearhead ... or The Surf Zombies ... no two 'Vettes are alike. I wish I still had mine. At least I can dream about it with Stingray Dream.

Powerglide - Cool tune that resurrects memories of Chevrolet's venerable two-speed automatic transmission. They were around for a lot of years. Interestingly, the early Powerglides had a defining idiosyncrasy. The shift pattern was P-N-D-L-R. Oops, reverse was in a bad position. Chevrolet eventually changed the pattern to P-R-N-D-L. Powerglides were solid performers and easy to work on. Powerglide gives a gearhead nod to those great transmissions. Old-time Chevy lovers will appreciate Powerglide.

Never Kill an Ape - All I have to say is ... if anyone thinks they're going to kill this ape, they're in for a rude awakening. This is one bad-ass mofo and he'll strip the flesh from their skeleton like he strips the peel off of a banana. The Surf Zombies pour it on with predatory power that makes me think of all things ape, including ape hangers on a chopper from Hell.

Boss 302 - Terrific car, terrific track. Boss 302 is a high-spirited tribute to Ford's legendary pony car. Monster guitars, bass and drums add plenty of power to the Mustang's kick. The Surf Zombies nailed the 302's powerband on my speaker-driven dynamometer.

Flat Black - This is one of the coolest songs I've heard in a long time. Flat Black flat rocks. At times it's ethereal, at times it's mysterious, but it's always hot rod cool. The outstanding guitar and bass playing, coupled with excellent drumming, lifts Flat Black to hot rod greatness. Flat Black pumps a load of reverb and tremolo out of its massive cylinders. I think all of us old hot rodders had at least one ride that was painted flat black. Flat Black is a terrific homage to the hot rods of yesteryear.

Teen Scene - Man, give me a burger joint with car hops, a '55 Chevy with a 265 and Powerglide, stick a gut bomb in my mouth and call me happy. Then it's time to cruise on over to the Teen Scene hangout and get down with some good ol' rock 'n' roll, Surf Zombies' style. Yessiree, Bob, The Surf Zombies know how to party ... hot cars, hot chicks and hot music.

Rust Colored Leisure Suit - A full moon and a sky filled with stars, the prom, a girl and my '40 Chev Coupe. That Rust Colored Leisure Suit is just what I need. It's a perfect fit, lined with memories of my youth. There were so many things to experience. It was all so heady. Isn't life wonderful?!

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In reality, I'm 50% musician and 50% hot rodder/mechanic. Over the years my garage has seen everything from T-buckets to buckets of bolts come hot rods. It's seen decades of sweat, steel and great times. I've been listening to Lust for Rust while rewiring a '56 Chevy. Lust for Rust is at home in my garage. It's no poser. This is serious hot rod music.

The Surf Zombies: Lust For Rust

01)  Torque Fest Brook Hoover 2:02
02)  Rat Tech Joel McDowell 1:33
03)  The Flerk Brook Hoover 2:38
04)  Do the Lurp Joel McDowell, Brook Hoover 2:03
05)  Road Trippin' Ian Williams 2:38
06)  Blue Velvet Flashback Brook Hoover 2:36
07)  Tattoo Pin Up Girl Brook Hoover 2:09
08)  The PBR Strut Brook Hoover 2:04
09)  Shag the Drag Brook Hoover 1:53
10)  Shengar Brook Hoover 1:56
11)  The Hillbilly Beast Brook Hoover 3:02
12)  Reverb Shake Brook Hoover 2:27
13)  Stingray Dream Ian Williams 2:18
14)  Powerglide Joel McDowell 3:36
15)  Never Kill an Ape Brook Hoover 2:08
16)  Boss 302 Brook Hoover 2:08
17)  Flat Black Brook Hoover 3:22
18)  Teen Scene Brook Hoover 2:24
19)  Rust Colored Leisure Suit Brook Hoover 3:28

All songs by The Surf Zombies © 2012 ASCAP
Recorded at Black Door Studio and The Soundhole in Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
Mixing: Ian Williams
Mastering: B. Cox at Red Tape II
Cover art: Sam Gambino
Design: Brian Cox Design Service

The Surf Zombies

Deep Eddy Records (DEEP039)

Review by: Duke

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