Brazilian Surf-Psychedelic-Chicha-Guitarrada
Band, The Raulis, Release Debut EP

Band Members: Arthur Soares, Gabriel Izidoro, Rafael Gadelha and Antonio Marques

The Ventures and Master Aldo Sena make the crowd stir. This is how people who watch the show at The Raulis will talk. But it is possible to speak little and dance much because the show is a party.

The Raulis is the surf music band in the summer. Ready to pack people of Recife under the sun or in the sultry nights. The project is headed by members of the Nuda bands, Joseph Tourton and Mabombe and puts it in swing music, because not only limited to the sound of guitars of the 60s, The Raulis also incorporates the Latin civilization and the Brazilianness in their shows, getting it on a repertoire with guitars and carimbó.

The Mullet Monster Mafia Release Two
Albums for Free Download

At this time we are working hard on a new EP of TMMMafia, called Surf'n'Goat. Two songs for the beginning of the second semester.

We have some shows booked at this time, too, and after July we'll make a Brazilian Tour to promote the new EP.

Below I bring a link of our Bandcamp. Our first two albuns are available for free download.

TMMMafia . Dogs of the Seas (2011)

TMMMafia . Power Surf Orchestra (2009)

Tamara Williamson Releases "Who's Next"
Video, off Her Upcoming Album,
Sister Mother Daughter Wife

Please take a minute to
watch and listen.

"Who's Next" is the raw version of my collaboration with Absolutely Free which was entitled "The Next One" (released on Arts & Crafts). It's the third single off my upcoming album, Sister Mother Daughter Wife.

I suppose over the years it's easy to start living in a bubble that you've created. I wrote this record when that bubble was burst by the story of "Victoria." It was then that I started thinking about stories of women where their civil liberties had been overridden, all these terrible situations. I was blown away by them, and they led to a lot of conversations with friends and people I know. I started to think about the difficulties of women reporting men, and how they can stay silent.

The video exemplifies those feelings of hopelessness and loneliness starting to disappear when speaking out...together.

Ferni And The Vascos Release New Surf
Instrumental EP, Summer Storm

This is my second installment of my immersion in the Surf Rock.

In a Pacific island, a few kilometers from the coast, on a yacht, an evening party (Looped Party) is celebrated. Here the guests dance naked in a lustful debauchery between curves and alcohol. One of the boys is mesmerized with the hips of the girl, dancing this song back to him (Dangling Hips). At the same time, inside the sea, something happens. The Indians are concerned about their harvest, more than a month ago it hardly rains, and the great magician of the tribe will do something to change this desperate situation, a rain dance (Indian).

With their effort and tribal dances are beginning to appear clouds in the sky, soon to rush into a raging storm summer (Summer Storm), very unfortunate for the guests of the yacht, which begins to lose stability until the wave becomes so aggressive and unbearable spitting all yacht, now torn between life and death struggle to survive (Sinking).

Soul/Blues-Infused Rock Quintet, Moondog Matinee, Release New Single, "Ghost Dime"

From their forthcoming sophomore album, Carry Me, Rosie, due out this summer.

"In a world of pseudo-sexual anarchy, Moondog Matinee is the real deal." (The Source News)

Already taking their hometown of Reno by storm, the band have been selected as a Red Bull Sound Select artist, performed at the inaugural Life is Beautiful Music Festival in Las Vegas, NV and have been voted the "Best Band in Northern Nevada" by the Reno News and Review. Moondog Matinee will be touring up and down the west coast, including an appearance at the Lightening in a Bottle Music Fest, in anticipation of the release of Carry Me, Rosie. Be sure to check out the "bluesy, twangy sound and soulful swagger" (Bend Bulletin) of "Ghost Dime," "that doesn't parade as anything, but rather, it just rocks." (Jam in a Van)

HAWKING Releases New Single, "Cold Hands"
from Their Forthcoming Self-Titled EP

Self-Titled EP Set to Drop
This Summer

HAWKING released their debut EP, Oceans \\ Carolina, and set out on their first Western Canadian tour in 2013. Then, after a six month hiatus due to a serious car accident, the band pulled through and released their second EP, Atlas \\ Patterson, which was supported by another extensive three month tour. As the band gears up for their third release, make sure to check out "Cold Hands" because "if you like art rock, you'll enjoy the boundless pleasures that HAWKING has to offer." (PopMatters)

Language of Shapes: Mother Mountain (Review)

"Psych-fi Sci-Folk performed by a band of singers, mandolineers, a bass guitar and a djembe." That's a band description in their own words and, I ask y'all, who the hell says that about themselves unless they are, indeed, as brilliant as I'm saying they are? Language of Shapes is vibrantly surreal. And, in an effort for transparency, I will admit to being more than a bit obsessed with both vibrancy and surreality.

Ergo, cogito, sum. I think, therefore I am ... certain. If I say this band has a sound that vibrates with color and elevates notes to the realm of the surreal, well, baby, take it to the bank and cash it because that check was written in dragon's blood ink. Language of Shapes' Mother Mountain is a googol-sided jewelry box of delish gems. Rubys! Emeralds! Diamonds! Track after track - eleven of them.

Diamante Premieres Official Video for
"There's A Party In My Pants
(And You're All Invited)"

"Here's an invite you don't want to turn down!" - Loudwire

LA based female rocker Diamante released her official video for her party anthem "There's A Party In My Pants (And You're All Invited)" yesterday on Loudwire. The track is Diamante's third single from her recently released Dirty Blonde EP, which debuted at #5 on Billboard's Heatseekers Pacific Chart. Dirty Blonde EP is available on iTunes, or you can get a physical copy in Diamante's newly launched merch store.

""There's a Party in My Pants (and You're All Invited)" is about bringing all different kinds of people together despite their race, age, sexuality, etc. and genuinely having fun."- Diamante said in a recent interview with Revolver. "The people I have met living in Hollywood these past few months and the real-life experiences I've had inspired the rebellious spirit in this song. I wanted to write something that was in-your-face, upbeat, and more than anything, something that defied societal norms and really spoke to everyone."

Rock Band Midnight Pilot Release "Let Loose"
from New Full-Length Album

Self-titled album set to drop
May 5, 2015

"Hooks that stretch a mile long." - Baeble Music

Nashville-based rock band, Midnight Pilot, just released their brand new single, "Let Loose," via Baeble Music. The self-titled LP is set to drop on May 5, 2015.

Originally from Holland, MI, the band moved to Nashville together to pursue music. In May 2014, the band released their acoustic EP, Let Go, which took "listeners through stories of growing up and falling in and out of love, all riding on a bed of lush vocal harmonies." (Marmoset) The band also released their single, "Give Me What You Gave To Him," which was featured on Elmore Magazine, who raved, "their soulful strumming, passionate singing and sweet harmonies are certainly full of, well, heart." In addition to all of this, the band recently performed on stage with indie singer/songwriter, Damien Rice, in Nashville.

Colornoise Release New Single, "Amalie"
First Single off Upcoming EP

Colornoise are: Sonya Carmona, Alison Alvarado & Mari Navarro

We are so excited to share our new single, since it's been almost two years since we shared our previous album Polychronic.

Today we share "Amalie" which is the first single off our upcoming EP out at the end of the year!

This track was chosen to anticipate our upcoming release as it signifies the evolution that the band has went through. Originally we formed as a two piece but recently added Mari Navarro to the band to expand the sound, bringing new ingredients and textures to the mix of our sound.

New Jersey Post-Punk Band, The Antics
Drop New Single, "Emily Jones"

Off upcoming EP of the same name. Look for the EP out May 26th.

(New York, NY) New Jersey based post-punk band The Antics are gearing up to release their latest EP, Emily Jones. The release follows up the band's latest EP, 2014's Send It Out.

Following a lineup shift, original group members Luke Meisenbacher (Guitar & Vocals) and Joshua Reitan (Drums) continue to develop their sound, moving from traditional indie-rock to a moodier, darker sound. Their evolving style was noted by Music News Nashville saying, "The Antics' post-punk/indie-rock sound is often accented by 60's pop, surf and garage rock - the group is certainly capable of it all."

Jeremy & the Harlequins Release
Official Video for "Some Days"

Off Their Recently Released Album American Dreamer

Fans can expect a vinyl release for American Dreamer in May.

"Jeremy & the Harlequins are posed to start a classic rock n' roll revival" - NYLON

"A Brooklyn-based band with a true love for rockabilly, blues, and real rock n' roll - the kind you'd hear blaring in some Southwestern desert juke joint or a whiskey-soaked road house on the skirts of town" - WNYC NPR

"These nourish Ď50s/60s rock n' roll revivalists write songs as carefully constructed as their coffured quiffs" - NME

"Vintage-style rock n' roll - Wall Street Journal

"the record is a breath of fresh air in our constantly over-saturated world of new music" - Diffuser

NYC rock n' roll revival band Jeremy & the Harlequins have released their official music video for the single "Some Days," off their recently released album American Dreamer. The video was directed by Adam Erick Wallace, and is referred to by Diffuser as "a perfect visual that captures the raw energy of the track."

You know your songs are great, and you finally decided to record an album in a real studio. Thatís great! But what actually happens when you get there?

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