To Our Dear Friends, Associates and Beloved Music Fans,

On Sunday night our fearless leader, Duke, passed. At this time we don't know what will become of Surf Rock Music. We're hoping, perhaps, to keep it running, but don't know if we can. To everyone we've worked with, thank you for your never-ending support and caring - you are all amazing. To all who have visited Duke's brainchild, thank you more than we can express. He not only loved music, he loved all of you, as well.

As a final thought, Duke passed as he lived - the way he wanted. He fell asleep, looked around and spotted Gene Krupa and Albert King and thought, "Hey, I think I'll stay." And so he did. At this very moment we can imagine him hitting the ride right beside Gene and trading fours with Albert.

Rock on, Duke. We already miss you.

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