Wise Girl: Sing Me To Sleep
Sing Me To Sleep is a three-song acoustic EP that will float you into dreamland. Not for a second, though, should you expect something that will bore you to sleep.

It isn't that kind of dreamland. Instead, it's like being held gently and rocked in a hammock on a warm spring day. It's a tender kiss on the cheek, sunlight glittering through the giant leaves of an elm tree while you listen to a voice that's sweeter than honey. Abby's voice doesn't need a lot of backing to pull off the lyrics, which are exceptionally memorable. Make no mistake about it, Abby Weitz can sing.

Patty Pierzchala:
Celestial Bodies

An Interview With:
Eric Zayne

Moussaka: Moussaka
(Self-Titled EP)

Watch Rise Against's "I Don't Want To
Be Here Anymore" Official Video

New Album "The Black Market" Available Now

"Our new video for the song 'I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore' encompasses the overwhelming noise of our world and the fatigue we all feel as its witness. This song is a starting point, not an ending point. It's about the wake-up calls in life that let us know something needs to change." - Rise Against

The Brigantines:
Last Chance To Dance

David Paige:
Inside Out

Charlie and the Foxtrots: Golden

Traum Diggs Releases His New Lyric
Video For "Pretty Lil Child"

"What Traum Diggs creates is organic hip hop; it feeds the soul nourishment
that comes from mixing simple things together to create a sound
thatís nourishing to the ears." - Ms Hennessy Speaks

Hip-hop artist Traum Diggs releases his new lyric video for "Pretty Lil Child", from his upcoming LP "Major Journalism", out this fall.

Influenced by artists from Bob Marley to Mos Def, Traum produces honest lyricism over instrumentals infused with jazz, funk, psychedelic rock and world music courtesy of his backing band, The Confluence of Sound.

"Major Journalism" is accompanied by a mini-documentary entitled "Off The Floor", which follows the recording process of the album.

Watch the Pretty Lil Child lyric video
Watch the Off The Floor trailer

Influenced by artists like Santigold and The Knife, the Philly-based singer blends electronic hip hop beats and indie pop, creating a unique and soulful sound. Of "Punk," SoulBounce says, "It's clear by now that Amatus truly did absorb the wisdom of her mentors, and her attention to detail and unclad lyricism crops up in highlights such as the soulful sneer of 'Punk.'"

Rossport Farms: Guitars by the Sea with Guitar
Legend Dick Dale - August 9, 2014

Rossport Farms Guitars by the Sea is a summertime outdoor music event with a distinctive flair for the adventurous. Scheduled for Saturday, August 9, 2014, Executive Producer and veteran entrepreneur Ross Furman offers a weekend that is sure to inspire listeners to hear and see the world with a fresh perspective.

Learn the Art of Double Picking

Garden State Line is destined for fame. They're already well on the road to fantastic heights. They've been named as the house band for The Stone Pony. Oh, yes! That Stone Pony! The one where Springsteen and Bon Jovi got their start.

You can lay odds The Stone Pony isn't going to grab any old band off the street and ask them to be the house band. You have to have your chops and you have to have them in freaking spades, a straight flush and a full house to make that kind of noise.

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