The Sunny Boys: FreebOObin' 

The Sunny Boys: FreebOObin' ...reviewed by Stephen L. Robbins FreebOObin'
Reviewed by: Stephen L. Robbins

The Sunny Boys are wonderfully talented musicians. Not only do they play and sing extremely well, they are very diverse.

They bill themselves as a power surf rock band and well they should. Their rendition of Miserlou (on their website) bears witness to their instrumental abilities.

As for their singing, regardless of the genre, The Sunny Boys have an impressively wide range of vocal styles which always keep things refreshing and exciting.

Before I go any farther, let me introduce The Sunny Boys:

Giuka - bass, lead vocals
Fab Ulous - lead guitar, vocals
Jimbo - rhythm guitar, vocals
Bonnie - drums

FreebOObin' is an excellent 10-track album that's filled with power pop, punk, and a bit of beach music. It's fun, upbeat, and uplifting. Most importantly, for me, it put a big smile on my face.

All 10 tracks have vocals. All 10 tracks are originals. I want to stress the bouncy, good mood, upbeat feeling that emanates from the lyrics. The music behind the lyrics is outstanding, too.

I thoroughly enjoyed every song. I really have no favorites. I like them all. There are no B-side tracks on FreebOObin'. That said, I would like to mention three songs, just to emphasize The Sunny Boys' diversity:

::     ::     ::     ::     ::

Brian & The Bubblegums - 2:38 of fun bouncy bubblegum pop. Four guys in a tour bus are headed your way. Brian & The Bubblegums haven't made it to the top yet, but they will.

Summer In Punkadise - He saw her in the audience and she knew how to catch his eye. Summer In Punkadise is lively, high-quality, outstanding punk. This is the way punk should be played and sung. Kudos to The Sunny Boys.

S.U.R.F.I.N. - Surfin', surfin', everybody's surfin'. Tomorrow we'll be hangin' five. Cool, cool, cool beach music. S.U.R.F.I.N. is reminiscent of The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, et al.

::     ::     ::     ::     ::

FreebOObin' is the perfect album for those times you want to listen to something different. On second thought, it's perfect at any time. The Sunny Boys scored with FreebOObin'. It's terrific.

The Sunny Boys: FreebOObin'
01)  Brian And The Bubblegums
Leone / Leone
02)  Shauni Has A Boyfriend
Leone / Leone
03)  Popsicle Dreams Again
Leone / Leone
04)  Double Whammys
Leone / Leone
05)  Summer In Punkadise
Leone / Leone
06)  I (Don't) Need U
Leone / Leone
07)  Backstage Boom Boom
Leone / Leone
Leone / Leone
09)  Different Circles
Leone / Leone
10)  Game Over
Leone / Leone

Words and music by Leone / Leone.

Credits: All songs arranged and produced by Giuka. Recorded at Blumusica Studios, Torino, IT. Mixed and engineered by Pippo Monaro. Mastered by Mauro Andreolli at das Ende der Dinge, Trento, IT. Guest vocals on "Double Whammy" by Cecilie Josefsen and Caroline Andersen, appearing courtesy of House of Rock Records. Additional percussions by Exir Gennari. Executive Producers: Pippo Monaro, Giuka, Fab Ulous. Art direction and design by Michael Knight, cover photo by Chiara Ballarini.

  2012 The Sunny BoysTM, Fabio Leone. All rights reserved.

The Sunny Boys

CD reviewed by Stephen L. Robbins
© Stephen L. Robbins 2012
All Rights Reserved

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