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The Coconauts: Get Coco-naughty!

The Coconauts: Get Coco-naughty! eg music - surf rock music reviews by Emma Jade Gunn
Get Coco-naughty!
Review by: Emma Jade Gunn

Once upon a time a group of four Coconauts reentered Earth's atmosphere and landed their spaceship on Surfy Islands in the South Pacific. Or so the story goes.

I believe it's true, just like my mama should have believed it when I told her pumpkin pie is a meal all by itself and you don't need to add liver and onions to make it nutritious. She said I should stop being naughty and eat dinner.

If I'd known then what I know now, I could have told her naughty is a point of view not to be trifled with. Case in point, Get Coco-naughty!, the debut album by The Coconauts! Thirteen deliciously naughty instrumental tracks by four deliciously naughty Coconauts!

The Coconauts are:
Matt "tha kat" Lentz - Flight Commander - Guitar
Tom "One Small Step" Armstrong - First Officer - Guitar
Dave "Countdown" DeStefano - Science Officer - Bass Guitar
Kurt "Cooter" Nederbrock - Flight Chaplain - Drums

These men are as hot as Phoenix at high noon and as cool as winning both a Strat and a Gibson on the penny toss. "Welcome back to Earth, Coconauts."

Check out the space-time continuum with these songs.

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00 Coco - "Are you ready to go coco for The Coconauts?" You bet I am, Mr. Announcer, sir. Hey, his voice sounded like that guy from the old cereal commercials that used to be on television. That dude had me begging for some Cocoa Puffs and now I'm begging for some Coconauts. Double Oh Coco, to be exact! Cool! A retro spy vs spy track with a drenching of reverb, 00 Coco makes me peek around corners and pretend I'm Bond. Jane Bond. The steady eighth-note bass line adds emphasis to the cloak and dagger feel. I need a trench coat. I need an Aston Martin. I need to listen to this track again.

Three Guitars – I literally heard the opening of this song all of the way into my belly. If I had a belly ring it would have vibrated! Hawt Dang! A languid beginning ends with a delish drum break sewing itself to silk and velvet guitars. The Coconauts bring another tweak at each new level until the sound permeates your body to a sudden and lush ending.

Coco Au Go Go – Finally! A song I can do a languid Shimmy to! Oh, I know, I may be a bit freaky doing the Shimmy on a brightly lit day, toes tickling the white sand, water ebbing and flowing inches from my feet and a purple gauze shirt swaying around my hips. None the less, I'm Co Co Coco!!!!!!!!!!! NAUT gonna stop! Gonna keep on sh-sh-shimmying. Hey, was that guitar kissing me a little past the half way point or was I so busy blissing out that I dreamed Poseidon was planting a big one on my lips?

Space Ghost – The rumor is that The Coconauts were launched back in 1963 to contact alien life. Listening to Space Ghost I kind of began to wonder if the rumor is true. It's spirited. That's ghostly. Surf-spacey. That's like, out of our limits, right? The drums sound like maybe meteors are beating on the side of a transdimensional craft. Okay, the beating is really solid and really, really good, but they could be musically inclined meteors, couldn't they? And Space Ghost moves super fast. Spacecraft move super fast. Plus it has a rather ominous opening which, everyone knows, is what contemplating getting ready to launch would be like. Okay, they are Space Dudes! That settles it.

Over the Rainbow – The guitars on Over the Rainbow raise a perfect song to more than perfect heights. The Coconauts' rainbow is really, really high in the sky! The double picking in the fourth verse is so beautiful it will bring tears to your eyes. If I live to be a 150 years old I will never, ever, ever get tired of listening to Matt, Tom, Kurt and Dave play Over the Rainbow. Thank you, boys, for a gift from the skies! Em loves you!

The Lonely Coconaut – Heavy bass and rhythm guitar, coupled with strong drums, launch this uber cool south-of-the-border masterpiece to mind-gripping levels of intensity. Like a charging bull, The Lonely Coconaut is lethal. It takes no prisoners. It reached right out and grabbed my gut then twisted it on its horns until I said, "Give....." Actually, what I said was, "Give! Give! Give me more hot south-of-the-border bullylicious sounds like this!"

Amapola – This is a classic that has been covered by many, from Deanna Durbin to The Three Tenors to Ennio Morricone. Then we have these guys. The Coconauts give us two minutes of solid surfed out, amped up, touch the stars Amapola. And they did it without losing the quintessential beauty Jose Maria Lacalle put in his original composition. Whodathunk? I mean, wow! It's so perfect with the guitars and drums that I can't imagine any other treatment.

Blue Hawaii – Two minutes and ten seconds of a lullaby to white sand beaches, crystal blue water, girls in bikinis and boys with rippling muscles and tanned backs. The Coconauts make it a special treat with a luscious bass line, savory drums, fresh rhythm and a tart lead. Blue Hawaii as played by these guys is a tropical salad of ecstasy.

Pearly Shells – Trivia time! Do you remember back in the '70s when everyone piled cup after cup of C&H Sugar on everything they ate? Do you remember the cool jingle they had on their television commercials? Yes! That's this song! Pearly Shells is an old Hawaiian song originally called Pupu A `O `Ewa and is sooooooo fantasugarously handled by The Coconauts I got two new cavities listening to it. It's upbeat and crisp, but you can still sing to it. Here you go, "Coco Nauts ... from the ocean ... playing in the sun ... " And fun was had by all.

Coco-naughty (Intoxica) – "Are you feeling Coco-naughty?" Well, I think you've been Coco-naughty! Bad boys! Go to your rooms! Or my room ... take your pick. Bodacious lead picking with a gnarly echo from the bass is super uber freaky, rock hard, fly like a butterfly, use the bed as a trampoline and jump up and down to Cooter's drums, then... Oh, hell, just listen, girls ... you can ask them to come to your room, too. Guys, this has a cool hot rod touch, so get your nitrous tanks ready.

She – Ladies, do you recall wanting to be the woman Charles Aznavour sang about back in the '70s? "She may be the song that summer sings, may be the chill that autumn brings, may be a hundred different things. " It spoke to us, didn't it? Then, of course, Elvis Costello did a version for Notting Hill and it all began again. Well, now we have an entrancing instrumental version to fall in love with. Oh, yes, my cadre of BFFs! I adore The Coconauts doing She and if you don't absolovely melt when you hear this one, I'll eat my flip flops.

Undertow – Cococlassic! Wooo! Put on some high heeled sneakers, grab your board and head for the beach because we are freaking rocking out to an ass-kicking surf sound here!!! Fast guitars, drums from the bowels of hellfire, unholy speed like only a vintage Corvette can deliver and oh-my-kiss-me-quick-I'm-gonna-faint licks. Drool. From the Banzai Pipeline to Rincon, Undertow screams surf.

Return of the Death Ray – While The Coconauts were busy celebrating the great hits of yesterday, they decided they might as well do some hollering. Baby, hold your hair on because Return of the Death Ray is not just great from an instrumental standpoint, it rocks out with some righteously Right On vocal pandemonium. No, The Coconauts don't sing, but they do let you know they are there ... in a huge way! Just what the doctor ordered! Audience participation is, uh, optional, but impossible to resist! Just when I thought I couldn't love The Coconauts more, they pulled me in even deeper. Go Matt! Go Kurt! Go Dave! Go Tom! Go, man, go!!!!!!!!

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Ahem... In summary I must say The Coconauts are summertime, wintertime, springtime, autumntime fun. They rock hard. They make me smile. And it's true. They're naughty. They are perfect! Want some fun on the wild side? Get Coco-naughty!

The Coconauts: Get Coco-naughty!
01)  00 Coco Armstrong 2:35
02)  Three Guitars Traditional 2:48
03)  Coco au Go Go Lentz 2:21
04)  Space Ghost Armstrong 1:47
05)  Over the Rainbow Arlen 3:44
06)  The Lonely Coconaut Lentz 3:04
07)  Amapola Lacalle 1:59
08)  Blue Hawaii Robin, Rainger 2:09
09)  Pearly Shells Pober, Edwards 2:41
10)  Coco-naughty (Intoxica) Hafner 1:45
11)  She Aznavour 1:55
12)  Undertow Lentz 2:50
13)  Return of the Death Ray Bomboras 2:22

Recorded December 2011 through January 2012 at the Malkovitch wing in Armstrong Studios.

The Coconauts

Deep Eddy Records (DEEP038)

Emma Jade Gunn
Review by: Emma Jade Gunn

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