Seth Swirsky: Watercolor Day    

Seth Swirsky: Watercolor Day - Album front cover
Watercolor Day
Reviewed by: Emma Jade Gunn

Honeys, I had deja vu all over again when I heard Watercolor Day. Is Seth Swirsky channeling the Venice Beach days and lounging in the sand along the river from my teens? Hey, I had "Summer in Her Hair" just like Seth sings. Okay, so maybe no one was crooning along while I sat around trying to be oh-so-nonchalantly beeeaaauuuutiful, but I like this song and it, well, sent me back a bit.

And while I am channeling Yogi Berra (OMG, Emmy loves the Yogi!), can I say it ain't over 'til it's over for this CD? Yep, I sat down and listened from beginning to end which is NOT common for me. I admit to the attention span of the average 6 week old Chihuahua. I really did listen from track one to track eighteen of Watercolor Day, though. That's 43 minutes. That's, maybe, a new record for me. Wow! Here's my take:

Track 1: Watercolor Day - '60s folk rock. Yep, you can't beat it if you have a striped shirt and a case of Pepsi.

Track 2: Summer In Her Hair - Shades of Venice Beach. He even mentioned the lampshade. How did he know I like to lean against a hot lamppost on the promenade?

Track 3: I'm Just Sayin' (prelude) - Seth whistles, too! That's cool. He's cool. Short and uber sweet.

Track 4: Matchbook Cover - You know what? Not a lot of people can get away with vocal echoes in Emmy's book, but Matchbook Cover is the one book to which I will gladly bow. Kinda smooth, then perky, then smooth, then perky. Delightfully, deliciously '60s pop.

Track 5: Song For Heather - This is pretty. How come it's Heather and not Emma Jade, though? Seth, we gotta talk!

Track 6: Distracted - Belly rubbing music. With lyrics to match! A girl could get distracted!

Track 7: Movie Set - I think I had this dream once. Honest. It's an homage to all of us who once wanted, once needed, once tried, will keep wanting, needing, trying. Good job, Seth!

Track 8: (I Never Knew You) Harry - Back in '69! I knew this CD was influenced by the great and mystical past. (I Never Knew You) Harry smoothly recreates what we all loved about the late '60s sound. Very Beatle-esque. Definitely 3 thumbs up.

Track 9: Fading Again - Waiting for somewhere to be is the theme of this track. The instrumental pacing enhances the feeling of edginess we all get when we need to move on and grasp a new moment.

Track 10: Living Room - Wow, he wants me to take off my clothes. Do you promise not to stop singing if I do?

Track 11: 4 O'clock Sun - Short. Special. Wish I had it as a ring tone for late night calls.

Track 12: Big Mistake - Those background singers are cool. That trumpet is cool. Seth gets his message across, big time. Would he be making a big mistake if he went back to her? YES!

Track 13: Sand Dollar - Like Puff the Magic Dragon, but about a sand dollar. How ab fab is that?

Track 14: Twenty Minutes To Myself - If I had twenty minutes to myself I'd probably listen to this song even though it isn't really twenty minutes long. It's drink Dr. Pepper and eat Cheetos music. Honest! Would Emmy steer you wrong?

Track 15: Stay - I love this song. It's along the lines of such classics as Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying, by Gerry and the Pacemakers. Beautiful, silky, smooth. It melts in your mouth.

Track 16: She's Doing Fine - An anthem to love lost. Oh, those horns make it play like butter! Once again, you can catch the '60s sound weaving in and out of this dreamy tune. Very Beach Boys like.

Track 17: I'm Just Sayin' - While Seth and I are busy channeling voices from the past, can I just say, "Is this Sgt. Pepper?!" Oh, yes, dearies. Here's the surprise cut on this CD.

Track 18: Amen - Back to me and Yogi... "We have deep depth," he said. And so does Amen and the entire CD. It ain't over till it's over and that's kinda sad because Amen is nearly* the last track and I could have listened to another eighteen.

* Surprise! Be sure to keep your CD player running. There's a short bonus track at the very end. For some strange reason I can't seem to keep my head from bouncing side to side.  

Seth Swirsky's greatest strength is in the lyrics. The instrumentation is smooth, pleasant and uber cool; the messages carried within the lyrics are extraordinary. Swirsky has a gentle, but very embracing voice and pulls off a coup de force for those who love the '60s sound...or any sound.

::     ::     ::     ::     ::     ::

All songs by Seth Swirsky for November Nights Musc, Inc. (ASCAP) except
"Amen" by Seth Swirsky/November Nights Musc, Inc. (ASCAP)
and Rick Gallego/Mood Ring Music (BMI)

Recorded at the Lincoln Lounge, Venice, Ca. by Steve Refling
and Figment Sounds, Lake Hollywood, Ca. by Rob Campanella

Mixed at Figment Sounds, by Rob Campanella, Rick Gallego and Seth Swirsky

Mastered by Dave Collins

Original Watercolors by Kirsten Tradowsky (Front, back covers and cd tray)
Hill Side Hang 0ut watercolor by Jennifer Perellie
City in Summer painting by Seth Swirsky

Package Design by Kurt Sievert

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© Emma Jade Gunn 2010
All Rights Reserved

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