The Victory Lane Trio

The Victory Lane Trio Guitar Bob Ohsiek

[...was and occasionally still is a quartet when Troy fronts us]

Four years ago singer Troy was holding down the weekends solo at The London Bridge Pub on the wharf in Monterey. One night he thought he'd try a combo. Called Rod the chick-magnet drummer who then rang me, Gittar Bob, and Jeff, the Big, Bad, Bottom of the Band [we both played together in Kelley and the Beachcombers—see clip].

"Piece 'o cake", we said. Every song Troy called out, we could cover: Trower, ZZ Top, all the classic rock. [The one advantage of being old and experienced, I spose].

It worked—enough so that we've gigged around the clubs here about 2 or 3 times a week since then. We don't mind jammers and often have some real talent sitting in.

Here are U-Tube clips, FYI:

[the Stone's Jam]

[a Pink Floyd dealie]

[my 20+ yr-old Beachcomber Surf medley]

[Long Train Runnin'...last week, with Kate sitting in]

[a new one from last night; Summertime, w/ Elena sitting in on vocals and Craig on harmonica]

Elena grew up with it. Her dad was a big collector of classic rock contraband LPs in the old country. He told me last night [in a heavy Russian accent] "When she was one, we put her on top of hifi, to hear speaker."

Guitar Bob Ohsiek

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