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Bevel Emboss: Celluloid

Bevel Emboss: Celluloid by Emma Jade Gunn eg music - surf rock music reviews by Emma Jade Gunn
Bevel Emboss: Celluloid
Review by: Emma Jade Gunn

Get this CD! I repeat, get this CD! I can tell good stuff when I hear it and the members of Bevel Emboss are fantastic. I know what it takes to be this good and I doff my hat to the boys in the band as well as Louis de Wit who composed all of the tracks on Celluloid. What a beautiful mind he must have to compose such exquisite music!

If I had any idea they made instro music this great in Amsterdam, I would have found a way to get there. It's worth swimming across the pond for, that's for sure! Okay, Diana Nyad delusions aside, I rocked hard when I listened to the Celluloid CD. Track One opened my eyes Betty Boop wide with Rumba Nova, a (believe it!) tantalizing cross between traditional surf guitar and the Rumba. I kid you not. These guys are good enough to pull it off in spades. All of the way to Track Fifteen's In The Mirror, which eloquently transcends into multiple genres and is extraordinary enough to excel in them all, Amsterdam's Bevel Emboss is a real treat for instro / surf music lovers. I'm not surprised. The whole world knows how cool Amsterdam is and its fame for being freewheeling and unique. Is it any wonder such a fantastic city is home to a veritable feast of great musicians?

Jac Bico - Lead Guitar, Accoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Sitar
Jac Bico has built up an extensive career in the Amsterdam area, scored some hits with "Tambourine" and "High Under the Moon" in the '80s, wrote several TV tunes, and played and collaborated with allmost any respected Dutch musician through the years. Now starring on Bevel Emboss: Celluloid with his extraordinary skills.

Louis de Wit - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Composer
Drummer of the Amsterdam based group "Van Dik Hout" which scored a monster hit in Holland with "Stil in mij" in the '90s. Through the years Van Dik Hout sold over 350.000 albums. Bevel Emboss was founded when Louis started to write a bunch of tunes which now can be heard on Bevel Emboss: Celluloid.

Bart de Ruiter- Bass Guitar
Bart moved to Amsterdam in 1985 where his life as bass player began. After several years of study he played in several bands and was part of bands playing in TV programs. He co-founded the poets society "Concordia", recorded and produced an album with it. The album was certified gold. He lives in France.

Paul van Rijswijk - Drums
Paul van Rijswijk played in several Amsterdam bands like "Supersub" and "Bartales", has his own graphical design studio "Plan One", picked up the drumsticks again after a call by Louis.

Special Guests:
Wouter Hakhoff - Trumpet
Wouter Hakhoff is a conductor, trumpet player and composer/arranger. More information on his website here.

Patrick van Herrikhuijzen - Percussion, Mellotron, Organ
Patrick is a well known musician and remixer in the Amsterdam area. Louis and Patrick play together in Van Dik Hout, so there was only a little talk before Patrick joined Bevel Emboss in the studio.

Bevel Emboss Vinyl Record Side A: I Like Movies Two of the tracks on Celluloid are also available as a record. Very cleverly, the vinyl is red on Side A and blue on Side B.

Side A: I Like Movies.
Side B: City Of Amsterdam.

It's that kind of touch to uniqueness and authenticity that makes me wonder if the guys in the band aren't going to hire some speed boats to churn up a few waves on Amsterdam's canals just so we can all head over there to surf and listen to great music.
Bevel Emboss Vinyl Record Side B: City Of Amsterdam

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Rumba Nova - Jac Bico's lead is going to melt you. That's it. I would write more, but I'm melted. Puddle. Emma Puddle on floor.

Arabic - A special treat on this track is the delectable trumpet. The drumming is an amazing combination of rhythm and soul. Amsterdam was the home of both Rembrandt and the guy who invented the metronome - and you can feel the form as well as the incredible creativity in Arabic. Talk about a magnificent combination!

I Thought She Was There - Both lovely and dramatic, like a Rembrandt painting, it steps lively and gracefully. The way the guitar notes trail in the breezes is poetry to my ears.

Straighten A Dash - Sound weaves in and out in Straighten A Dash, reminiscent of light rays lancing through the ocean's surface and breaking on the dances of dolphins at play. Describing this kind of beauty is difficult. Straighten A Dash has to be heard. Just beautiful.

Façade - A strong rhythm guitar gives a lushness to the overall feeling, pulling Façade beyond the depths of the ocean's currents. An ethereal ending is better than icing on the cake - it's icing, a cherry, chocolate sauce and sprinkles!

Epic - Very powerful south-of-the-border flair. Tantalizing, revitalizing, captivating - and more than perfect, Epic is, well ... EPIC!

After Happenings - Sweet drum opening! After Happenings is the song you put on when you want to evoke passion because it does it absolutely perfectly. By all that is holy, those drums make your heart start beating to the exact rhythym they play. Sexy and romantic. A "must have" song.

Rocky Miller - Rocky took us to Tijuana for a party and did we ever rock! How did a few guys in Amsterdam so adeptly evoke a night dancing on a rocky outcrop in Mexico? Love, love, love the drum break in the middle. The trumpet brings to life the party time feeling of Mexico. Rock it, Bevel Emboss! We're partying down with you.

Tarantula - Did you know that tarantulas use ambush to catch their dinner? Okay, here's your warning: Tarantula will ambush YOU and make you put down the pizza so you can take off! From the "Eek, a big, hairy, scary thing" opening -- to the rush of adrenaline middle -- and the dramatic, "Yikes, will I survive?" side-stepping you're doing at the end, we have a tale of two legs moving very, very fast to get out of the way of eight.

Three Nudges - If we could put this on clocks instead of alarms, we'd all be nudged awake with a smile. Me, I tend to toss alarms onto the floor in a desperate attempt to get away from them. Answer to my prayers? Three Nudges. Nudge me once, nudge me twice, nudge me to smiles and I'm a happy camper. Are you listening, world of clock makers? This is a great song, not too loud, not too soft, exactly what we need for anything that once was icky but could be fantastic! You'll be millionaires if you put Three Nudges on clocks.

Hot In The House - Is there really a phone call in the middle of this song? I could swear I heard the phone ringing. And I'm certain that I heard the voice of a man and a woman, albeit briefly. Hmmm ... are things going to get Hot In The House? I want to be a fly on the wall and see for myself.

I Like Movies - Also on the red side of their vinyl record. I Like Movies is a genre crosser of the best kind. Part Latin, part surf, part mystic, the trembling guitar and sharply constrasting chording play against the drums and trumpet with fascinating strokes of pure delight.

City Of Amsterdam - What a magnificently beautiful piece of music! City Of Amsterdam is also on the blue side of their vinyl record. You have to know about Amsterdam to know how perfect City Of Amsterdam is. Amsterdam. Where there are artists, markets and bicycles on the streets with the adoration of the people. Amsterdam. Home of some of the most beautiful art and buildings in the world. Amsterdam. Never too cold. Never too hot. Amsterdam. Just perfect. That's all. Perfect. There's nothing better than P E R F E C T.

The Goat Mode - Well, I know the acronym "GOAT" means "Greatest Of All Time" and Bevel Emboss is playing this song in a "Greatest Of All Time" mode, kinda like if Muhammad Ali was a musician. Sooo ... if my math is corect, The Goat Mode is a great song. I just checked my calculations again. I was correct. The Goat Mode is a great song!

In The Mirror - I wish I could whistle like that. In The Mirror has a way of going from light and joyous to richly deep and seductive on the turn of a note. All of the richness of sound aside, the supreme talent of the composer and musicians is evident from the first to the final note. Bevel Emboss is superior in both creativity and musicianship. Not once do they disappoint. Rather, look In The Mirror and you will see the face of a thoroughly satisfied and mesmerized listener.

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What a fabulous CD! Celluloid is chock-full of breathtakingly beautiful music. Bevel Emboss rocks the instro world! Louder -- Bevel Emboss {{{ ROCKS }}} the instro world!

Bevel Emboss: Celluloid

01)  Rumba Nova Louis de Wit
02)  Arabic
Louis de Wit
03)  I Thought She Was There
Louis de Wit
04)  Straighten A Dash
Louis de Wit
05)  Façade
Louis de Wit
06)  Epic
Louis de Wit
07)  After Happenings
Louis de Wit
08)  Rocky Miller
Louis de Wit
09)  Tarantula
Louis de Wit
10)  Three Nudges
Louis de Wit
11)  Hot In The House
Louis de Wit
12)  I Like Movies
Louis de Wit
13)  City Of Amsterdam
Louis de Wit
14)  The Goat Mode
Louis de Wit
15)  In The Mirror
Louis de Wit

Bevel Emboss

Emma Jade Gunn
Review by: Emma Jade Gunn

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