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Cubic Feet: The Living End (then and now)

Cubic Feet: The Living End then and now - Album front cover Music Reviews by Duke
The Living End (then and now)
Review by: Duke

Cubic Feet's new album The Living End then and now is, well, the living end. Imagination, creativity, quality, great tunes and all of the things we love about music are neatly folded into this double CD package.

There are 21 songs split between the two CDs. Yes, there's great music. But what really sets this album apart is, literally, then and now.

I love interpretation. One of the things I really enjoyed about The Living End then and now is it gives you the freedom to interpret its meaning. With that thought in mind, what follows is my interpretation of The Living End then and now.

Then (disc 1) features thirteen tracks from 1991-2001. They are seeking the heart.

Now (disc 2) introduces eight new and unreleased tracks. Now they are seeking the truth. The lyrics to all eight songs are printed on the CD insert.

The music is deep. The overall theme is that you toughen up from life's joys and sorrows. Once you thought you couldn't go on. Now you not only go on, you do it with passion. Blackheart speaks to this change.

The comparison between Hard On You and So You Wanna Be Friends shows an evolution of the realization that unrequited or changed love affects both people. Heartache doesn't occur in a vacuum. There is a reflection of hard-earned maturity when lyrics are juxtaposed from then to now.

A life experience is learned from 19 Again. As the aphorism goes, "No matter where you go, there you are." Sooner or later you've gone through enough to know what matters most. Society will always say to get a job, buy a house, drive a new car and forever strive to make everything in your life bigger, better and faster. 19 Again makes the point that much of this is nothing more than background noise to life and can be ignored. Go back to when you were young and look at the things you did then for pleasure and fulfillment. Be that person. Grasp a wild ride for what it is, rather than seeing everything as a step toward something else. Try on the 19-year-old you to see if the suit fits. You just might find something worth reliving.

There really aren't enough superlatives to describe the treasures held within these two CDs. Everything from the music to the production to the artwork is outstanding. Greatness truly does come in small packages.

Interpretation? I wonder what yours will be...

Cubic Feet: The Living End then and now - Album back cover Then (disc 1)

Track 1
SAVE THE WORLD - Released or Superconnector, 2001. Album release date was 9/11/01! This was the first single. Mixed by Shelly Yakus.

Track 2
ACROSS THE RIVER - Title track of Across the River, 1991. First Cubic Feet production in Cubic Studios. Co-produced by Dave Adams and Pete Solley.

Track 3
IN MY ROOM - Released on Superconnector, 1991. Produced by Shelly Yakus and Mike Musmanno.

Track 4
SO YOU WANNA BE FRIENDS - Released on Across the River, 1991. This was the first solo production by Pete Solley, an experiment. Pete programmed drums and bass. Later real drums were tried. Went with this earlier version.

Track 5
HOLD ON ME - Released on Superconnector, 2001. Mixed by Shelly Yakus. A hit on Pirate Radio, St. Thomas, USVI. Band played station's first annual Birthday Bash.

Track 6
MONKEY - Released on Inside Rail, 1997. This is the single version - remixed by Shelly Yakus, his first of several projects with the band.

Track 7
LIGHTER - Released on Inside Rail, 1997.

Track 8
SPINNING 'ROUND - Released an Superconnector, 2001.
Track 9
RIDICULOUS - Released on Superconnector, 2001. Woody sings this one.

Track 10
BITTER PILL - Released on Passenger in Time, 1994. Features the powerful rhythm section of Gary and Greg Grainger.

Track 11
Natasha - Leadoff track of Inside Rail, 1997. First project with Cubic Feet mainstay, drummer Keith Cronin.

Track 12
CAROLINE - Released on Passenger in Time, 1994.

Track 13
SWEETEST THING - Released on Passenger in Time, 1994.

Cubic Feet: The Living End then and now - Album insert Now (disc 2)

(This insert contains the lyrics to all of the new and unreleased songs on disc 2.)

Track 2: HARD ON YOU
Track 6: 19 AGAIN

Tracks 1-3 recorded post Superconnector.
Tracks 4-8 recorded pre Superconnector.

Players Disc 2
Mark Davison: lead vocals, guitar  -  Woody Lissauer: guitar, vocals
Brian Simms: keyboards, accordion (track 1)  -  Peter Solley: keyboards
Mike Mennell: bass  -  Bronson Wagner: bass (tracks 4-8)
Keith Cronin: drums  -  Mark St. Pierre: percussion

All songs written by Lissauer/Davison, Circular Songs Music, ASCAP.
All songs produced by Pete Solley, except "Across the River", Dave Adams and Pete Solley and "In My Room", Shelly Yakus and Mike Musmanno.
Engineers: Shelly Yakus, Tony Eichler.
Photography + design: Steven Parke,
Recorded and mixed at Cubic Studios, Lutherville, MD.
Mastered at Gateway Mastering by Adam Ayan.

Legal Representation: Ron Bienstock
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411 Hackensack Avenue, 7th Floor
Hackensack, NJ 07601 201-525-0300

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Review by: Duke
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