Candygram For Mongo: Old-School, Rock/Punk Sound

Candygram For Mongo began in late 2005 when Tony Shea and Gary Sharp started ripping through tunes out in the back shack of G's house in North Hollywood. From day one, they started working on originals (mainly because neither of them knew any covers). They had a common interest in rock and punk music- music that wore its ideals on its sleeves; old school rock that had guts but still had a sense of humor, romance, and storytelling: The Ramones, Chuck Berry, Social Distortion, Led Zeppelin, Bad Religion, Bruce Springsteen, The Cramps, Bill Hailey, The Replacements, Motorhead, The Clash, Link Wray, Elvis, The Dead Kennedys, Johnny Cash, The Beach Boys, The Butthole Surfers, The Kinks, and Tom Petty.

With Tony singing and playing guitar and Gary on drums and bass, they started laying down some demos on their home computer. Soon after, Johnny D joined the band and proved to be the perfect fit to round out the group. In addition to being a dynamite guitar player, Johnny had the producing skills to fine-tune Tony and Garyís original arrangements, and a full studio in his house to make their collective ideas a reality. With Johnny on board, C4M was complete and began production on their first record, "The Red Pill."

With the record in its early stages, Candygram For Mongo threw some of their demos up on for feedback. All the planets must have been in alignment, because the band was contacted by the music supervisor for the number one show in cable on Friday nights, "Battlestar Galactica," which airs on the Sci-Fi Channel. C4M's instrumental, "INTERMISSION" was licensed and featured on the episode entitled "Downloaded."

With their debut LP, "The Red Pill," now complete, the band is preparing to take their show on the road. After that, who knows? Two tracks - STORY OF TRIUMPH and THE KIDS HAVE ALL GONE CRAZY have already been praised by the fans and have earned Track of the Day awards on And as Ear Candy Magazine wrote, "[We] donít know where this band of roughnecks came from, but [we] smell Warped Tour 2006!" (Feel free to read for yourself at

Tired of James Blunt and Jack Johnson? Well Nevermind That Sh*t...'Cuz, Here Comes Mongo!

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